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Nature cure application in health system was initiated in kingdom of Nepal from the October 1968(2024). Afterwards His Majesty's Government Minister of Health granted the permission to expand the service of Naturopathy in private sector in the year 1975 (2031-10-15). The Nature Cure system was patronized by Nepal Rastra Bank by appointing the first Naturopathy practitioner from the private sector into the mainstream of the general health cure of the bank staffs. In the year 1984 (2040) Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association was established, which provided a directive influence in the health cure capability in more and more natural ways and means. The Association beared the responsibilities of extending the service of Nature Cure in close co-operation with the plan and policies of His Majesty's Government of Nepal in the health status upliftment of the average citizens in the country. In the fiscal year 1986-87 (2042-43) the Association after receiving the endorsement from the National Planning Commission about the newly introduced programs on the nature cure applications the Association had tried to provide the services at its best in different sectoral area within the country . The first National Convention on Yoga and Nature Cure was organized on 27-29 Paush 2046 (Dec.,1990) in which the proposed resolution was unanimously passed about providing Nature Cure service system to be recognized at par with other systems such as Ayurveda, Allopathic, Homeopathy and Unami. The resolution was duly handed over to His Majesty's Government, the Ministry of Health and the proceeding programs had been continued as per the proposal.

Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association organized first National Workshop Training on Yoga and Nature Cure on 16 Jestha 2050 proceeding with critical evaluation of the progress gained & the resolutions passed over by the first national convention of the year 2046. At the humble request of the association His Majesty's Government, the Minister of Educational had included the courses on Yoga sana in inclusive subject of Health and Physical Education of class 6 to 8 grades added under the optional subject of 100 marks since 1950.As will as Nature Cure Subject also inclusive in class 9 & 10 in optional of 100 marks. Similarly Yoga.

His Majesty's Government, Ministry of Health formed a Task force on Nature cure in the year 2052-1-21. The Task Force submitted the final study report with suggestions for the development of Nature Cure in health service in Nepal.
On 14 Falgun 2052 His Majesty's Government cabinet of Minister decided to recognize the Nature Cure system parallel to other medical systems already in the field. The on 29 Chaitra, 2053 His Majesty's Government, Minister of Health directed and formed a seven members. Nature Cure Committee to workout further ahead. In the year 1997 July (2054 Ashad 27,28) National workshop on Nature Cure Organized by Nature Committee of His Majesty's Government Ministry of Health passed an unanimous resolution to establish a full fledged Nature Cure University.

Nepal Yoga and Nature Cure Association which is affiliated to The open International University for complementary medicines Srilanka(Alma Ata 1962 UN Declaration) since Nov. 1995, successfully organized and Hosted "World Congress on Yoga & Naturopathy" for Third millennium, Katmandu Dec. 25-27, 1998 and passed on important resolutions comprising "To develop an International Forum for the unity of all medicines".

Nature Cure 7 Members Committee Form by H.M.G. Nepal in 2053 B.S. 2nd Yoga & Nature Cure Workshop organized and Hosted on 2054.The Himalayan International University for Yoga, Nature Cure & Holistic Sciences Resisted by
H.M.G. Nepal on 2056. Nepal Complementary Medical Association Resisted by H.M.G.Nepal on 2057.Nepal Naturopathy Doctors Association Resistred by H.M.G. ,Nepal on 2058.Third National Workshop on yoga & Nature Cure organized and Hosted on 2058.2nd World Congress on Yoga & Naturopathy organized and Hosted on 2059 B.S.Nepal –India Naturopathy Friend ship Association Ragistred by H.M.G. Nepal on 2059. B.S. H.M.G. Nepal Recognized Naturopathy as National Health System of Nepal on 27 Ashad 2059.Bs.Nature Cure System also Included the Standard as OTHERS Medical Systems on 20 61.BS. On the 5th Mngasir 2061, H.M.G.Nepal form a Seven Members Draft of Nature Cure Council Act Committee to Submitted at Ministry of Health. Complementary & Naturopathy Workshop Organized on 21-23 Fagun

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