Yoga & Naturopathy Training

1. 15 Days Yoga Mitra Training - Nepal
2. Basic One Months Yoga Theraphy Training - Nepal
3. 3 Months Yoga Teachers Training - Nepal
4. 6 Months Massage and SPA Theraphy Training - Nepal
5. 6 Months - Village Naturecure Worker Training
6. 15 Months Auxilliary Naturecure health worker
7. 18 Months Complimentary Health Assistant Training - Nepal (Technical Non Gratitude First Class) - (L-3)
8. 3 Years Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathic
9. 3 Years, 6months - Naturopathic Physician ( Technical Third Class Gratitude) - (L-4)
World Yoga Alliance:
1. 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training - ( International Yoga Teacher)
2. 500hrs Yoga Teacher Training - ( International Yoga Teacher)
Uttarkhanda Open Univercity (UOU): INDIA Counseling
1. 6 Months Yoga Certificate Level Training
2. 1 Year Diploma in Yoga and Naturophy Training
3. 2 Years M.A in Yoga Science
4. 2 Years PhD in Yoga
1. 2 Years M.D (Doctor of Medicine) - Complementary Medicines - (Medicina - Alternativa)
2. 2 Years PhD ( Doctors of Philosophy) - Complementary Medicines - (Medicina - Alternativa)
3. 2 Years D.SC ( Doctors of Science) - Complementary Medicines - (Medicina - Alternativa)

Aims and Objectives of the Institute
The primary objective of the Institute is to produce the lower and medium levels of under graduate Nature Cure Heath Workers as ANCHW ( Auxiliary Nature Cure Health Worker) and N.D. (Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy) to provide the health services in rural areas all over the country. The Institute provides natural health services: Hydro-therapy, Mud-therapy, chromo-therapy, Massage-therapy, Herbal-therapy, Yogic-therapy, Acupressure-therapy,Acupuncture-therapy, Fasting-therapy, and psycho-therapy.

(A) Yoga Training

  • Primary yoga-therapy (one month)
  • Training Instructors of Yoga (3 Months)
  • Yogic Aspects of Physical Education (one year)
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
  • (Astanga yoga: Am, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharma, Dhyana, and Samadhi).

    (B) Naturopathy Training

  • Village Nature Cure Health Worker (six months)
  • Massage Therapy (six months)
  • Auxiliary Nature Cure Worker (two year
  • Auxiliary Nature Cure Health Worker (one year)
  • Yoga and Naturopathy Diploma (one year)
  • (Hydro,Mud,Chromo,Massage, Acupressure, psycho, Yogic, Acupuncture.

    Certification by institude of Natural nedicine and CTEVT

(C) Complementary Medical Training with Skill Test




CHA, Complementary Health Assistant (1 year 6 months) Level-3



BNBYS, Complementary (naturopathic physician) Graduates (3 years and 6 months) Level-4



  First Group - 2067

Certification by National Skill Testing Board and OIUCM, Nepal, Branch.

(D) International Degree

Convocation on M.D.and ph.D Dec-9098, in Nepal

  • M.D (Doctors of Medicine) Complementary Medicines ( 2yrs )

  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) Complementary Medicines ( 2yrs)

  • D.Sc (Doctor of Science) Complementary Medicines ( 2yrs )
  • Certification by The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Sri-Lanka.

    Distance Learning (for International students)

    The Institute of Natural Medicine provides Nationally and Internationally recognized courses (classes) that can be studied in the comfort of own home. The Institute has been providing classes for more than thirty-seven years with experienced teachers offering Certificates (Certificate and Diploma level).



    (A) Yoga Training (only for International students)

    Yoga Training

  • Basic Yoga Therapy (25 hours)

  • Genaral Yoga Therapy (Level-1) (50 hours)

  • Instructor of Yoga (Level-3) (100 hours)

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (250hours)
  • (B) Massage Trainings (only for International students

    Massage Training

  • Massage therapy (basic) (25 hours)

  • Massage therapy (middle) (50 hours)

  • Massage therapy (certificate) (100 hours)

  • Advanced Massage therapy (250 hours)

  • Acupressure & Refloxology (250 hours )
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    Services Overview

    We have been providing natural health services like - Hydro-therapy, Mud-therapy, chromo-therapy, Massage-therapy, Herbal-therapy, Yogic- therapy, Acupressure-therapy, Acupuncture-therapy, Fasting-therapy, psycho-therapy etc.

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    Address: Paknajol, Kathmandu, Nepal
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