Volunteer Service(Only for international)

A) International volunteer:-

Initially you will receive 10 to 30 days training on yogic-therapy where ,natural environment and natural life:-

  • Basic knowledge on natural environment, organic food, medicinal plants, wild-animals, birds, family environments.
  • General knowledge on yogic and natural life style.
  • Basic theory on yoga and naturopathy.
  • Daily
  • yoga and meditation practice.
  • Basic camping on herbal therapy (medicinal plants).
  • Tips on awareness activities for local community.
  • After camping you will travel to remote villages and organize workshops, interacting lectures for local communities like-students, and other persons about natural life. During the time, you will be able exchange traditional culture, Nepalese living, eating and enjoying style with local villager family

    ( B) Placements include:-

  • Designation, natural health activities for child and adults.
  • We will run several activities in different community. You can teach painting, music, dance, language, and culture in class.
  • Staying in village with local host family for few-days than move to next village.
  • Previous knowledge on yoga and naturopathy, motivation to learn about natural life.
  • Strong will-power, to travel independently to deliver natural health activities to society by alone or with teams.
  • Creative skills to deliver class for child and adults in interactive methods.
  • The volunteer service will be 3 to 8 weeks packages. You can be prolonged in some cases The profile you should provide to Institute for next coming volunteer The volunteer fees:-

    (C) Program and dates:-

  • 3 weeks (10days training – 1 week placement) USD 462.00
  • 4 weeks (10days training – 2 week placement) USD 462.00
  • 5 weeks (15days training – 3 week placement) USD 650.00
  • 6 weeks (20days training – 4 week placement) USD 750.00
  • 7 weeks (25days training – 5 week placement) USD 850.00
  • weeks (30days training – 6 week placement) USD 950.00

  • (D) Accommodation with food
    During the training , volunteer will stay in any hotel Thamel or any where, the cost of hotel included in the program fee. Each volunteer will be provided single bed or room with attached bathroom and hot shower facilities. Training will be held at the institute of Natural Medicine. Nearly few times, many National, International hotel and Restaurants available. You can chose for your food and preferences.

    (E) possible starting dates:-

    we will be managed, your demands for contact Us



  • For More Information contact us info@naturallifes.com, dr.karki@gmail.com

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